HOW To submit

 so if you want to know how to submitt here tou go: basicly you put the name you want to go by (example: mr-longshit) and you out something like this  ”[picture of your submission]  MY AUTHOR NAME: mr-longshit Description So i made this comic blah blah blah”  So yeah and follow the rules

comic no 2: whos the stupidest?

so yeah already a second comic? huh well then so if you wonder what the thinking bubble is basically I was trying to make a character that would scream to them "shut up!" but the area was too small so I made it that the thinking bubble is the creator (me) thinking to say to them to shut up but I hope you like it anyways! 

comic no 1: ran out of ideas

 so I guess this is the first comic on this website? well, stay tuned for more! so, if you wonder why its small (the text) is because stupid me  didnt know the text would be too small so screw it but i hope you like it